Paving the Funnel: Joshua Bretag (Cubatica)

Paving the Funnel is a web series brought to you by the Heap Partner Network. Every episode, we sit down with an expert to gather tips for eCommerce brands on being data-driven and providing a stellar digital experience.

In this episode of Paving the Funnel, we interview Josh Bretag, Founder of Cubatica, about generic ad styles and templates to use as a jumping-off point, as well as the steps and metrics to consider to create the perfect ad for your business. Spoiler: the “perfect ad” doesn’t style perfect for long, so follow these tips to make sure you keep iterating and improving your ad strategy!

About Cubatica 

With over $100 million in ad spend managed, the team at Cubatica are experts at getting their clients targeted cold leads, warm leads, market share, and profitably increasing client revenue. Their specialized team knows when to scale, and when to stabilize – and consistently gets their clients 2-4X ROAS on campaigns.

If you’re not sure which channel to start with, Cubatica will help identify your biggest opportunity. Their specialties include campaign management, strategy, and optimization through Facebook/IG, YouTube, Native, and Google Media buying campaigns.

Aside from enjoying the results Cubatica delivers, Cubatica clients love working with Josh and his team for their quick response times, Slack office hours, collaborative strategy sessions, and blunt jokes.

About Heap

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