Paving the Funnel: Jeffrey MacIntyre (Bucket Studio)

Paving the Funnel is a web series brought to you by the Heap Partner Network. Every episode, we sit down with an expert to gather tips for eCommerce brands on being data-driven and providing a stellar digital experience.

Have you ever considered that removing a piece of your checkout experience could drive 6-figure revenue? In this episode of Paving the Funnel, we interview Jeffrey MacIntyre, Founder of Bucket Studio, about building personalization programs that drive consumer habits to increase LTV.  

About Jeffrey MacIntyre

Jeffrey MacIntyre is a personalization consultant who also specializes in experience optimization and content operations. He writes Bucket List, a newsletter of tales from the trenches of connected experience read by folks at Shopify, Nike, McDonald’s, and Lowe’s. He runs Bucket Studio, a personalization agency dedicated to better results and richer orchestration from customer experiences. 

Jeff is a widely published writer, speaker, and founding fellow of the Consortium of Personalization Professionals. His clients include Best Buy, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Condé Nast, Consumer Reports, JP Morgan Chase, Mailchimp, Mastercard, NBCUniversal, News Corporation, Philips, Thomson Reuters, UNICEF, Universal Music, University of Michigan, Viacom, Vimeo, and Yahoo! 

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