Paving the Funnel: Eva Thouvenot (RISE)

Paving the Funnel is a web series brought to you by the Heap Partner Network. Every episode, we sit down with an expert to gather tips for eCommerce brands on being data-driven and providing a stellar digital experience.

In this episode of Paving the Funnel, we chat with Eva Thouvenot, CEO & Co-Founder of RISE, about the growth framework and prioritization method she uses to tailor a high-impact growth strategy to her eComm clients’ needs. She also shares the tactics that RISE employs to help clients unlock revenue efficiently and effectively, and tells you how to use them too!

About RISE

RISE partners with purpose-driven SMEs that want a hands-on eCommerce team to scale their eCommerce brand exponentially.

Why do amazing brands find it difficult to perform well online? They have a great product and team, and often have gained traction in other sales channels, but still hit a plateau when it comes to online sales. The answer is that they often lack specific experience, expertise, resources, or time to achieve their full potential. More importantly, they find it hard to focus and prioritize within that endless list of possibilities. RISE exists to fill that gap.

About Heap

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