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Mind the Gap: Using Data to Bridge Your Product and Engineering Teams

ProductCon 2021

Dive into the recording of David Fullerton’s (VP of Engineering at Heap) presentation at the first ProductCon of 2021. According to the audience, it was one of the best presentations of ProductCon. Learn about HIPPOs, ZEBRAs, what make a great PM, and much more.

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Workshop: Insights to Actions

From Insights to Actions

Watch the recordings of our workshops (US edition | EU edition | FinServ edition | SaaS Edition). In it, product analytics experts from Heap will introduce you to our Insights to Actions framework for gaining actionable product insights. As a bonus, you can download the slides below.

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The Heap Book of Questions

Heap Book of Questions

In one of our most popular ebooks for Product Managers, we provide a thorough list of our best questions, hypotheses, and experiments you can run in your product. We’ll walk you through product use cases, behavioral segmentation, conversion, and more. Together, these roads of investigation will give you a deeper understanding of how your product works and lead you to become a more exploratory builder of products.

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Best of ProductCon 2020

Best of ProductCon 2020

In 2020, Heap led the sponsorship of ProductSchool’s ProductCon events, so we presented on four central topics challenging the space. You can check out all of the recordings, and don’t miss our most popular presentation, where Heap CEO, Matin Movassateon, shares how to derive more action from product insights.

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The Future of Product Management

The Future of Product Management

Product School’s 2020 survey on the Future of Product Management, powered by Heap, features new mission-critical information gathered from more than 500,000 members of the product community. This survey asks the most important questions about our industry: Which skills will be most valued? Where will the most disruptive innovations come from? What’s the future of remote work? We hope you find the answers useful in guiding your work and teams in the years to come.

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3 Templates for Uncomplicating Product Management

Must-Have Templates for Product Managers

Bring your Product Management processes into the future with structure and a shared knowledge base.
Create rhythm, routine, and rigor around your product using these three repeatable, time-tested PM processes and templates to iterate for your specific needs.

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Tools for Product Managers

Tools for Product Managers

We love to share some of the tools that our product management teams are using at Heap to plan and manage product development of the Heap analytics platform.

Design Brief

Two documents are central to our approach: the Problem Brief and the Design Brief. We use a Design Brief to outline and discuss your proposed solution. 

Learn more about the Design Brief

Problem Brief

The Problem Brief lays out the problem to be solved and argues for why we should choose to solve this particular problem. 

Learn more about the Problem Brief

After-Action Report

The final piece in our tactical trio of product development templates is the After-Action Report (AAR).

Learn more about the After-Action Report

Product on Product Series

Product on Product Series

At Heap, we continue to learn from product managers just like you. So, we interviewed and curated talks from some of the most well known product leaders around the world in our Product on Product Series. Watch the trailer on the right and catch all episodes via the link below.

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