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Create a Complete, Unified User Profile

Combine CRM, behavioral, and enrichment data into one omnichannel user view with one click.

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    Autocapture User Attributes

    Incorporate user properties from your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo) and enrichment tools like Clearbit into your analysis. Enrichment helps you understand who converts, who reads a blog post, and who uses a feature without writing any code.

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    Eliminate Silos

    Analyze information from Marketo and Salesforce alongside user behavior data, and create company alignment across your data. Heap codelessly collects user properties from different tools used across marketing and sales so insights reflect your business logic.

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    Learn how different user groups behave using your CRM data. Optimize education, marketing, and the product experience based on different user attributes and how they influence conversion, retention, and engagement across your platform.

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like Microsoft, Klaviyo, and Twilio use Heap to optimize paths for specific personas. Learn more about how companies combine.

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“We have been able to save hours and weeks of effort by using Heap instead of designing multiple ETL jobs to combine data from different tools. Everything just works out of the box.”

Abhishek Ratna
Abhishek Ratna, Sr. Marketing Manager

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