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Codeless, Retroactive Analytics

Auto-capture everything and measure the effects of each interaction retroactively. It's analytics that just works.

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    Complete User History

    Don't miss out on unknown unknowns. Capture every click, tap, swipe, form change, and more without any code.

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    No More Data Blackouts

    Don’t get tripped up over typos, re-designs, or naming convention changes. Combine historic events, rename events, and create property mappings.

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    Unified Customer Identity

    One person means one user in Heap. Unify a customer across mobile, desktop, email marketing, and more.

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like LendingClub, Microsoft, and Harman trust Heap to deliver insights fast.

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“Because of the way Heap works it’s so much easier to get information on every single event or button on the website so we don’t need to wait for IT and a whole QA cycle to spin up a new event…Heap is really great because we haven’t had this granular data before.”

Walter Euyang
Walter Euyang, Ecommerce & Marketing Analyst

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