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Find out why companies like Microsoft, Casper, Harry’s, wework, and esurance chose Heap for product and web analytics. Request your demo of Heap today!

Heap automatically captures every web, mobile, and cloud interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and more. Retroactively analyze your data without writing code.

For years, analytics vendors required writing track('event') for each interaction. But this has become too brittle, making it hard to move fast and trust data. Heap autocaptures a complete customer dataset and lets you flexibly model it with Virtual Events.

The results speak for itself:

  • Casper increased checkout conversion rate by 20%
  • LendingClub saw 7-figure lift within a month from improved loan CVR
  • freshworks achieved 20% increased feature adoption

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Within 32 days of signing up for Heap, Lending Club found insights that drove massive improvements in conversion.

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“Heap is the only tool I’ve encountered that lets everyone instantly answer business questions.”

Alan D’Souza
Alan D’Souza, Director of Product Analytics