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Heap for Internal Tools

The Lean Way to Track Internal Tool Usage

Get full visibility into how all of your internal apps are being used in one central location. Easily measure user engagement, ROI, and opportunities for efficiency.

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Automatically capture user interactions on your internal tools. No pushing code, no bottlenecks, no guessing - just insights.

  • Build Better Internal Tools Icon

    Build Better Internal Tools

    Understand user behavior so that you can build better, more useful tools that make people better at their jobs. People should love to use the tools you build for them.

  • Keep Total Cost of Ownership Low Icon

    Keep Total Cost of Ownership Low

    Tracking behavior on internal tools used to be expensive and time-consuming, cutting into the efficiencies that you’re aiming to create. Heap gives you a lean way to tap into user data without the high costs.

  • Centralize Data Access Icon

    Centralize Data Access

    Keep everyone on the same page with centralized access to internal tool data. Remove data silos and let Heap be the source of truth for engagement.

Complete, Retroactive Data Access

  • Heap is a small snippet of Javascript that automatically logs all user interactions within an application - clicks, pageviews, field changes, etc.
  • When you have a question, simply define the event in an easy-to-use UI. No code required, no waiting for data.
  • Analyze behavior retroactively. When a question comes up, get an answer in seconds.
Easy-to-Use, Centralized Reporting

  • Simple, centralized interface for exploring and visualizing user behavior data across all of your internal tools.
  • Build dashboards, create user cohorts, and drill down into the data. Find insights quickly, and share them with your team.
  • Understand what's working, and what isn't. Prioritize accordingly.

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