Make Heap insights accessible to the entire organization

Heap + Salesforce

The Salesforce Data Connector brings Heap insights directly into Salesforce, letting teams leverage product usage data to align on account health and automatically trigger adoption campaigns

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Seamlessly integrate Heap with Salesforce

Bring heap to salesforce

Create a true “360-degree view” of the customer in Salesforce by bringing in data around feature usage and engagement. The Salesforce Data Connector surfaces Heap insights in your system of record and lets teams across the organization share a quantifiable understanding of feature adoption—one tailored to the ways customers actually use your product.

  • Easily segment customers and measure account health using quantifiable and detailed product usage data
  • Use Heap insights to prioritize outreach to at risk accounts or expansion opportunities 
  • Create automated training and enablement campaigns tailored to account type and customer health 
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In most tools, it’s very difficult to create a custom metric, let alone integrate into other systems, such as Salesforce. With Heap, we’re helping everyone in the company identify and measure when the user actually gained value from the platform versus simply using it.

Jean McCabe
Director of Product , Conductor

Complement product analytics with Salesforce account data

Add SFDC to Heap

Connect Salesforce to Heap to bring data about your customers, such as job title or vertical, to Heap’s analysis modules.

  • Understand how company vertical, size, and revenue correlate with adoption of different features 
  • Ensure Product teams have rich account data to complement granular product analytics 
  • Define cohorts and measure how usage and engagement varies across segments across time
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