Heap for Online Food Delivery

Heap for Online Food Delivery

Due to COVID-19, online ordering has become the main revenue source for restaurants and food providers.

Heap is helping companies like PEET’S pivot rapidly and stay agile as they adapt to this environment, and helping them build an online presence to drive revenue even when in-house dining becomes a possibility again.

Read more to see how restaurants and food providers are using Heap to optimize their online experiences and improve inventory management.

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Ideal for online experiences

How it works

Heap automatically captures all user behavior in your online site, from the second you install the Heap snippet.

This lets restaurants and other food delivery companies instantly identify moments where users get stuck, group customers according to purchasing preferences, manage inventory, and quickly improve the online experiences.

All of this can be done without engineers. With Heap, you can move the needle in minutes, not weeks.

Improve revenue


With Heap, food providers with online presences can immediately track user behavior, use that information to improve the online experience, then track the effects of changes to their site.

For food providers, this lets you quickly:

  • Maximize order conversion
  • Increase repeat orders
  • Increase average order value
  • Optimize menu & inventory
  • Maximize marketing spend

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