Heap for FinServ: Faster Insights That Convert

Heap for Financial Services

Heap helps financial services companies understand their customers, improve conversion, and optimize digital user experiences by surfacing clear insights at the speed of business.

Across banking, insurance, lending, and wealth management, Heap makes it easy for FinServ companies to increase conversion, raise share of wallet, and improve customer retention. 

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Optimize the Digital Experience

FinServ Success

Heap lets anyone on the team discover hidden frictions, act with unprecedented speed, and measurably improve conversion and retention.

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Bigger Picture, Better Conversion

Improve conversion

Today’s consumers interact with your business across multiple platforms and devices. Heap, unlike other analytics tools, automatically stitches these visits together to create a single, cohesive picture of your customer and their conversion points.

With Heap, you can quickly pinpoint the behaviors that visitors into customers, then optimize your user flows to direct users to them.

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Northwestern Mutual becomes data-driven with Heap

FinServ Success Story

“We almost take it for granted now that every new feature that goes out has analytics on it so we can quickly see if people use it or not.  Thats something we couldn’t take for granted a couple years ago.”

Joe Pfeiffer
VP of Product
Northwestern Mutual

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Heap helps hundreds of customers in banking, lending, and insurance

A Full Picture of Your Customers

Autocapture Whitepaper

The truth of your customers’ behavior is buried somewhere deep in your funnel. Heap alone gives you the power to find it. Because we automatically capture every user event from the start—every click, swipe, pageview, and formfill—we’re able to surface every key behavior, opportunity, and signal.

There is no other analytics tool on the market that offers this capability.

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Opploans Success Story

Heap helps us identify, communicate and resolve issues faster. For example, even a 10% improvement in preventing breakages in our conversion rate translates into ~$1M in loan originations.

Matt Gomes
Senior Director of Marketing , Opploans

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Customers Evolve. Heap Adapts.

Guide To Customer Retention

We all know that customer behavior changes quickly. Only Heap lets you adapt. With most analytics tools, changes to your site and apps force you to install new tracking code. Heap always gives you the data you need.

From complex, multi-stage financial applications to self-service actions like comparing plans and trading stocks, Heap helps you optimize features and reduce churn so you gain and retain customers.

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Empower Everyone with Data

Simple UI

Heap’s UI is extraordinarily easy to use, even for people with zero analytics background. Because you don’t need to rely on analytics experts, With Heap, everyone on any team, product and marketing alike, can discover customer insights and make confident decisions in minutes, not weeks.

For larger companies, Heap Connect automatically sends behavioral data into your data warehouse, keeping it organized so you can do advanced analysis in your BI tool.

Heap’s scalable data governance future-proofs your datasets with collaborative workflows so your they stay clean and up-to-date all the time.

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Improve the product

Heap is the only tool I’ve encountered that lets everyone instantly answer business questions.

Alan D’Souza
Director of Product Analytics , LendingClub

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