Heap for B2B

Heap for b2b

As companies transition to working from home, and businesses everywhere are figuring out how to reduce spend, we’re witnessing a change in the way companies use software to support business operations. Today B2B software companies are confronted with a set of questions that changes almost daily. 

How is user behavior shifting? What is the best way to mitigate churn? Despite the unknown, how can they continue to ship new features and build for the future? Where do they even begin?

For B2B SaaS companies, figuring out the answers can be challenging. Product analytics provides a reliable guide. Companies such as Gem are using Heap to understand how customers are using their product differently, so they can make smarter product decisions and get ahead of customer churn. 

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Move quickly

Move quickly

The global pandemic has forced B2B SaaS companies to adapt at unprecedented speed. In this environment, product teams can’t afford to wait for useful information. 

With Heap they don’t have to. 

Heap automatically captures all user behavior on your site from the second its snippet is installed. This lets you immediately identify moments of friction on your site, optimize your acquisition channels, increase your average basket size, and optimize inventory.

The best part? Product teams can do all of this without engineers. With Heap, you can move the needle in minutes, not weeks.

Product analytics: endless benefits


With product analytics, businesses can dig deep into their data to make better decisions about their product. B2B SaaS companies can use product analytics to immediately track user behavior, and then use that information to improve the user experience and measure its effect.

For product teams, a product analytics tool like Heap lets you:

  • Drive adoption of key features
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Measure the impact of product usage on long-term retention
  • Improve the user experience 
  • Decrease support tickets

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