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Building a Stack for the Modern Product Team

A Guide for Product teams on how to choose technology that sparks product innovation, avoids bottlenecks, and meets the true needs of your customers.

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There’s an art to putting your tech stack together. What you include impacts your product roadmap and features, and the ease with which you adapt to evolving customer needs.

Today’s product leaders should be part of the stack conversation as early as possible, to make sure it includes components that allow you to:

  1. Optimize feature utilization
  2. Create a stellar user experience
  3. Iterate toward a product that meets user needs

In this guide, we’ll share advice on how to choose stack components that empower your product team and make your company more competitive.

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It really takes a lot of pressure off of me. With Heap, I don’t have to have everything perfect. There might be questions after the fact that I’ll still be able to answer. It’s all in Heap. It's got my back.

Davis Godbout
Senior Product Manager , Splunk

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