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#1 Momentum Leader in Product and Digital Analytics

Momentum Leader in Product Analytics

G2 Crowd named Heap as the Momentum Leader (highest score) in the Product Analytics and Digital Analytics categories based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.

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The Product Analytics Buyer's Guide

The Product Analytics Buyer's Guide

For product teams (and marketers), analytics is like having a crystal ball.

Instead of guessing, with Heap you can craft and test hypotheses, and see site behavior in real-time.

Check out this guide to learn how to choose the best product analytics solution for your business.

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"Best analytics tool I've used"


Heap earned the 2nd highest number of reviews in the Product Analytics category on G2 Crowd. We are grateful to our customers for their many amazing reviews; their success is our success as these reviews placed Heap in the leader and momentum grid for the Product Analytics category.

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The Heap Book of Questions

Heap Book of Questions

At Heap, we believe the answer is always to ask more questions! In this guide for product managers, you'll find a thorough list of what we consider to be the right questions, the best hypotheses, and the most impactful experiments you can run to improve your product. It covers use cases, behavioral segmentation, conversion, and new ways to become a more exploratory
builder of products.

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Tools for Product Managers

Tools for Product Managers

We're also happy to share with you some of our most effective internal product management tools we use at Heap to plan and manage product development for the Heap analytics platform.

Design Brief

Two documents are central to our approach: the Problem Brief and the Design Brief. We use a Design Brief to outline and discuss your proposed solution. 

Learn more about the Design Brief

Problem Brief

The Problem Brief lays out the problem to be solved and argues for why we should choose to solve this particular problem. 

Learn more about the Problem Brief

After-Action Report

The final piece in our tactical trio of product development templates is the After-Action Report (AAR).

Learn more about the After-Action Report

Product on Product Series

Product on Product Series

At Heap, we continue to learn from product managers just like you. So, we interviewed and curated talks from some of the most well-known product leaders around the world in our Product on Product series. Watch the trailer on the right and catch all episodes via the link below.

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