Heap Summer Fellows 2018 Announced

Heap Fellows is an invite-only program for young computer scientists with uncommon potential.

Meet The Fellows

We’ve selected the following students as our 2018 Heap Summer Fellows. Please join us in welcoming them!

William Sheu

William is a rising senior in Computer Science at UC Berkeley who has worked in Stanford's RAMCloud lab, Berkeley's NetSys lab, Affinity, Google, and Databricks. Designing and building systems of any kind excite him. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing board games, playing badminton, and thinking about ways to make Berkeley's operating systems class better.

Andrew Jin

Andrew Jin is a rising senior at Harvard studying computer science. He has interned at Facebook twice (ML / Search Ranking) and D.E. Shaw Research (deep learning for drug discovery). He is passionate about using technology and machine learning to solve challenging problems in areas such as biology and automation. Andrew also enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing basketball, and practicing the piano.

Tom Wildenhain

Tom is a Junior studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. He worked as a teaching assistant for the course Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science and is the co-president of Puzzle Hunt CMU, which creates a campus-wide themed puzzle hunt each semester. In his free time Tom programs Turing Machines in PowerPoint.

Shalom Yiblet

Shalom is a Senior at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) majoring in computer science with minor in machine learning. He's currently interning at Facebook on improving site efficiency, and in the past has worked as a research assistant in machine learning, and has been a teacher's assistant for the course: Algorithm Design at CMU. His interests in lie in programming language design and machine learning.

Ilan Biala

Ilan is a master's student studying electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. His main interests include computer architecture, distributed systems, computer security, and embedded systems. Alongside academic work in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon, Ilan is the chair of the department organization Build18, which hosts a week-long hardware hackathon organized by students and sponsored by companies and organizations. Previously, Ilan has worked as a software engineer focusing on developer operations at Twilio on the API Team. Currently, Ilan is working on embedded software at Argo AI. Outside of school Ilan enjoys playing sports and trying new foods.

Frits van Paasschen

Frits van Paasschen is a current rising senior at Stanford majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and minoring in Mandarin Chinese. At school, Frits has focused on cross-disciplinary projects that apply research in topics such as Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. He is also a teaching assistant for a computer systems course. In his free time, Frits enjoys skiing and app development. He also holds passports from three different countries and speaks Dutch, English, and Chinese. This summer, he is interning at Apple.

Grace Hong

Grace is a rising Senior at Stanford University, studying Computer Science with a concentration in Systems. Her favorite course to-date has been Operating Systems, because of the deep-dive it gave into topics like process scheduling and virtual memory through implementing a 'pint-sized' OS. She's currently working on a full-stack project as a Software Engineer Intern at Uber in San Francisco this summer. During the school year, Grace splits her time between working as a Course Assistant for "Principles of Computer Systems," and performing with Stanford's resident Japanese drumming ensemble, Stanford Taiko. In the rare moments she's not doing either of these activities, Grace likes to read, cook, and listen to podcasts.

Ashwath Thirumalai

Ashwath is a rising senior at MIT majoring in math and computer science. In college, his interests have primarily been in combinatorics, theoretical computer science, and computer systems. In previous summers, he interned at Addepar in Mountain View, working on building a scalable distributed system, and in finance where he worked on researching and building effective trading algorithms. Currently, Ashwath is working at an early stage startup in the database space called Rockset. He’s excited to meet more people interested in the tech industry and learn about a lot of the interesting things everyone's working on!

Shashank Ojha

Shashank is from Virginia and is currently a junior studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon. This summer, he’s interning at Facebook as a software engineer. While computer science is a broad subject, his interests mainly lie in robotics and artificial intelligence, so he decided to pursue two minors -- one in robotics and one in machine Learning. He firmly believes these two areas have the most potential for impact in the coming years. Outside of these pursuits, Shashank also like to TA. He’s TA’d a functional programming class and a data structures class in the past. Next fall, he’ll be TA’ing a Parallel Algorithms class.

Matthew Trost

Matthew is a rising junior at Stanford University where he is pursuing a B.S. degree in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering. His interest in building systems started when he joined his high school robotics team and was strengthened by his internship at the embedded systems company OLogic. Moving forward, he's excited to develop well-motivated applications for robotics systems and to connect the hardware, software, and people needed to make those systems a reality. Matthew is workably fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has spent several summers in Asia. He enjoys badminton, dragonboat, helping coordinate Stanford's campus-wide Humans vs. Zombies games, and discussing emerging technologies and data privacy.

Kristine Guo

Kristine Guo is a rising junior at Stanford University studying Computer Science. While still reveling in all that CS has to offer, she particularly enjoys a good concurrency problem as well as designing complex computer systems. She is also passionate about empowering others to also love CS through her involvement in Girls Teaching Girls to Code and course assisting. In her free time, she enjoys playing taiko, exploring the outdoors, and eating delicious food.

Monica Anuforo

Monica is a Minnesota-born rising senior pursuing her B.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University. She first became interested in CS during high school, where she took her first CS course and joined the school's robotics club. Since then, Monica has been excited about learning about how hardware interacts with software. Aside from CS, one of her biggest passions is music. She’s been playing the cello since 5th grade and I absolutely love it!

Alap Sahoo

Alap Sahoo is a rising senior studying computer science at MIT, originally from the Central Valley of California. He chose to study CS because he’s passionate about the impact that technology can have on a lot of social problems. Alap is particularly interested in areas such as transportation, financial transactions, and medicine, and how the tech industry can help reshape them. In addition to the tech industry, he is also interested in economics and public policy. In his spare time, he enjoys biking, reading, photography, traveling, and meeting cool new people :).