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Hypotheses about your product and experiments for improving it

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As a Product Manager, your job isn’t just to build your product—it’s to provide value to your users and drive your company’s larger objectives. What’s the best way to do this?

At Heap, we believe the answer is to ask questions. Ask questions over and over, figure out how to answer them, and you’ll learn everything about your product.

In this significant book we provide a great number of questions, hypotheses, and experiments you can run in your product. We’ll walk through product use cases, behavioral segmentation, conversion, and more. Together, these roads of investigation will gain you a deep understanding of your product works and lead you to becoming a more exploratory builder of products.

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  • How to take a truly scientific approach to product management
  • How to measure conversion, retention, product launches, behavioral segmentation, A/B tests, and more
  • Endless experiments you can run in your product

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