The Heap Guide to Retention

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Use the “leaky funnel” analogy or say your product is a “boat with a hole in it”: if your product can’t retain a solid base of users, your business can’t sustain revenue and your company won’t grow. In fact, from a product perspective, it’s not unreasonable to say that retention is the best measure of product-market fit.

In this book we walk through multiple aspects of retention, including why it’s so important, how to best measure it, and how to set goals for the different stages of retention. We also provide numerous strategies for improving retention across the customer journey, and offer examples from Heap that give insight into our processes for measuring and increasing retention in our product.

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  • Why retention is the metric that best measures product value
  • The hypotheses and experiments that drive impact for different stages of retention
  • How Product Managers can better plan their roadmaps to increase retention

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We wanted to answer questions like, ‘how many people took x, y, z actions in this order.’ For that, we needed a better, more flexible tool.

Alan D’Souza
Director of Product Analytics , LendingClub

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