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Data Governance

Control and Trust Your Data

Take action on data that's secure, trustworthy and organized.

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data governance
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    Access Control

    Make sure your data is protected. Control who can access, modify, and report on your data with advanced permissions, role-based project access, SSO/2FA, and an intrusion detection system.

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    Data Trust

    Maintain a trusted, up-to-date dataset. Heap provides a variety of tools to ensure the data used in your analysis is accurate with event previews, version control, and verification.

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    Better Organization

    Standardize your behavioral data across your account. Keep your account clean and easy to navigate with categories, personal sandboxes, and low data volume monitoring.

Companies like Sur la Table, Esurance, and Microsoft trust Heap to deliver clean, complete data. Learn why Heap's autocaptured data and secure platform deliver's an unparalleled experience.

Hear from our customers.

“Our big win moving over to Heap was having clean data. With our previous analytics solution, we had a page of 30 caveats — people couldn’t trust it. We now can have more confidence in the data.”

Annie Pennino
Annie Pennino, Customer Data Analytics
Deliver Data You Trust

Heap provides a number of ways to ensure quality and accuracy of data without code reviews, prolonged QA cycles, or delayed product deploys.

  • Use Live View to monitor a real-time stream of data to evaluate event definitions, property metadata, and implementation success
  • Use event verification to validate event definitions and ensure your team has access to trustworthy and complete datasets
  • Use Virtual Events to update, rename, and combine events as you iterate on your product without breaking the flow of data
Audit Data with Event History

Event History offers version control over all of your defined behaviors. Manage your event data and maintain historical records as you iterate on your product.

  • Provide context for any definition or naming convention changes
  • Maintain an audit log of who changed, renamed, or verified an event
  • Restore your event to a previous definition with the click of a button
Understand Events Without Digging Through Your Code Base

Use our events view to understand your data at a glance.

  • Use event previews and low-volume monitoring to instantly understand the quantity of data being collected, the number of reports using events, and who modified each event
  • Organize your events, reports, dashboards, and segments into folders to provide a clean, structured account. Make it easy for team members to find exactly what they're looking for
  • Add additional context to your events with annotations to help onboard new team members
Accelerate Access to Data

Empower your entire team access to data using advanced permissions.

  • Control who can view, modify, and report on data with 5 default user roles. Heap also provides custom user permissions on enterprise plans.
  • Expand data access to multiple teams with role-based project access
  • Keep your account clean and organized with categorized events, segments, and reports, personal sandboxes, and staging environments

Trouble maintaining trust with broken tracking code and confusing naming schemas?

Heap can help.
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Security and Privacy at Heap

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    Privacy Protection

    Heap takes extensive measure to ensure the privacy of your customers such as TLS encryption, automatic PII monitoring, and custom installation configurations. For more information, check out our docs.

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    GDPR Compliance

    Heap believes in a proactive approach to privacy. In addition to adhering to GDPR legislation, Heap has an on-staff Data Protection Officer, so we can continually offer you the best possible experience. Get more information about our approach to GDPR.

  • SOC 2 Compliance Icon

    SOC 2 Compliance

    Heap policies, infrastructure, and product prioritize creating a secure experience to deliver data you trust. Get more information about Heap security policies and practices.

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