No more digging for data

In 2019, Julian Gilliatt joined Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), the New York-based platform for educational content, tools, and community, as Head of Analytics, supporting all product teams. While the company had long used Google Analytics to monitor user behavior across its website, Julian discovered the data GA delivered was inconsistent, unreliable, and difficult to use.

“Google Analytics was tricky to use because there was no centralized way to view all the different fields and events that were being tracked,” he says. “If a product manager asked us for help, we would have to go back and forth with them and their engineering team to dig out basic information. We had so little visibility about what was going on we were never really confident in the data.”

“We realized that if we stuck with GA, we would have to totally revamp our process in order to scale,” Julian adds.

Heap makes it easy to see everything & self-serve

Instead, TpT switched to Heap, and the scavenger hunt for data ended. “Heap saves us a lot of time,” he says. “The front end makes it easy to see everything that is being tracked.”

“Heap also gives product managers more flexibility to move fast on their own without relying on their engineering teams or asking us to coordinate the engineering,” says Julian, “Heap’s interface is really helpful for product managers and others who have less familiarity with data and analysis. It’s easy to see what is going on in the event visualizer. And a product manager can build a report in 10 minutes that would have taken half an hour in Google Analytics."

When something goes wrong, the data is there to fix it

“Heap’s autocapture is especially valuable after a launch when we are scrambling to figure out why something isn’t working,” Julian says. “We don’t have to worry before the launch about deciding what to track. We can launch and be confident that if something goes wrong, everything will be there for us to dive into.”

From data to insights to action

“For example, we saw a drop in our click-through rate following a rebrand of our digital tool. Using Heap, we monitored the CTR for 3 variants and the control. The winning variant had a 70% improvement vs. the control, so we rolled out that variant as the permanent experience. Here’s the report our PM was able to easily set up to track this test.”  

Heap Product

“In Google Analytics, this would not be as quick because we would have to spend time doing an audit to make sure all the events were being tracked correctly.”