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Heap Connect

Retroactive Behavioral Data Downstream

Heap integrates with your enterprise data warehouse and data lake to provide clean, trustworthy, and retroactive data with no engineering overhead.

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  • Retroactive Data Icon

    Retroactive Data

    Heap Connect is retroactive and complete, just like Heap. We automatically sync all data to reflect any updated event definitions, so you always have a historical dataset at your fingertips in the warehouse of your choosing.

  • Managed ETL Icon

    Managed ETL

    We build the pipelines so your data team can focus on insights, not maintenance. Our managed ETL reduces operational costs and limits engineering hours needed to build an integrated view of your customers. Connect to Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, and S3.

  • Clean, Standardized Schema Icon

    Clean, Standardized Schema

    Most data teams spend up to 80% of their time munging data. Heap automatically models data across different sources into a user-centric schema. Spend less time cleaning and integrating data across sources and more time gathering insights.

Leverage Customer Behavior in Your Data Strategy

  • Create a Complete View of Your customers Icon

    Create a Complete View of Your customers

    Make it easy to incorporate behavior into a 360-degree view of your customer with Heap’s user-centric schema. Combine behavioral data with proprietary data and 3rd-party tools in your data warehouse to power personalization, analysis, and machine learning (ML) efforts.

  • Power Your BI Tool Icon

    Power Your BI Tool

    Use Heap Connect in conjunction with Looker, Tableau, Periscope, and more to power your analysis with a complete set of behavioral data. Incorporate key product metrics into executive dashboarding, perform deeper analysis across datasets, and deliver insights to everyone in your company.

  • Build Advanced Attribution Models Icon

    Build Advanced Attribution Models

    Optimize your marketing efforts and automatically capture every touch on your customer’s journey. Combine Heap’s user session data with ad spend to create a customized attribution model that’s specific to your business.

  • Create Machine Learning Models Icon

    Create Machine Learning Models

    Power your ML models with rich behavioral data. Heap’s retroactivity and easy data modeling make it easy to update feature sets to power more accurate predictions and segment customers into key cohorts.

Need a managed instance?

Talk to our team to learn if a Heap-hosted account in the warehouse of your choice is the right solution for you.
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Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like Harry's, LendingClub, Avant, and Thirdlove use Heap Connect to deliver insights.

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“Our digital product and design teams use Heap to explore customer behavior trends. Our data team uses their automagic ETL to push our clickstream events in our warehouse without any engineering work. Heap helps pretty much everyone here to make better decisions, faster.”

Michael Kaminsky
Michael Kaminsky, Director of Analytics

Heap Connect Integrations

  • Amazon Redshift

    Heap’s Redshift connection provides access to complete retroactive data in your Redshift instance. We perform general maintenance on our schema, including vacuuming and indexing so you can spend time on analysis.

  • Google BigQuery

    Combine BigQuery’s low-maintenance approach with Heap’s managed ETL to focus your data team’s efforts on analysis and insights. Leverage BigQuery’s analytics and machine learning platforms on top of a complete set of behavioral data.

  • Snowflake

    Heap uses Snowflake’s innovative approach to data storage with data sharing to provide you with a zero maintenance warehousing solution, access to retroactive behavioral data, and no data loading costs.

  • Amazon S3

    Do you need more control over your ETL processes? Heap provides daily exports of retroactive data to your S3 bucket, so you can build your own ETL process to any enterprise data warehouse or data lake.

Do you use a different EDW? Learn more about our partnership with Stitch.

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