Heap Partners with Intercom to Help Product Teams Measure the Impact of Customer Messaging

We’ve partnered with Intercom to connect the dots between customer engagement and product experience. With the Heap and Intercom integration, it’s never been easier to understand how your Marketing, Sales, and Support conversations affect product engagement and the entire customer lifecycle. 

For product managers, direct interactions with customers—in-app chats, conversations with agents, support tickets—can be a fantastic solution for solving customer problems. The end goal, however, isn’t to walk customers through solutions. It’s to improve the product and eliminate those problems altogether.

As product owners, it’s critical to know which product features generate the most support tickets, or which pages spur the most in-app chat interactions. Yet more often than not, these different customer touchpoints — tickets, chats, in-app interactions — live in disparate systems, leaving product managers without a clear sense of which features need attention, or where the friction in their product truly lies.  

This lack of visibility can make it tough to understand why your customers engage in chat conversations in certain areas of your product or open up support tickets in others. It also makes it difficult to use any of that information to quickly resolve user frustrations and improve features and functionality. 

This is one of the many reasons why Heap is proud to partner with Intercom to help product managers and their peers connect the dots between customer engagement and in-product experience. By integrating Intercom’s customer engagement and support solutions into the Heap platform, product teams can now have a full view of all Intercom conversation events, and can use those events to learn more about their product.

The Heap and Intercom Integration

By integrating with Intercom, Heap automatically collects key conversation events (and metadata!) from the Intercom Messenger. Chat interactions such as communication with chatbots, live support agents, or teams are all sent to Heap for in-depth analysis. With this information at their disposal, PMs can begin to explore how users engage with chat conversations and how those engagements affect the way they interact with the rest of the product.  

For example, the combination of Heap and Intercom allows PMs to ask questions such as “How does the quality of a conversation affect free trial conversion?” or “Which product pages drive the most chat interactions?” Spikes in chat conversations can help PMs identify the features that confuse customers and quickly deliver targeted messaging through Intercom Messenger to steer users in the right direction.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

Create better support experiences

Every customer touchpoint matters. Whether it’s through an onboarding call with an account manager or a live chat with a support agent, users need to be able to navigate your product easily. With Heap and Intercom, you can better understand why users initiate chats, and then analyze the success of their outcomes. 

If a user initiates a chat because they are unable to complete an in-product flow, did the support agent successfully help them navigate the issue? Was the customer happy with the outcome? Having this information helps you not only analyze whether a chat was initiated or closed and if they actually completed the flow, but also leverage a user’s Conversation Rating to combine user sentiment with in-app behaviors.

Identify and remove points of friction

As a product scales, it’s inevitable that a handful of users will get stuck or confused while completing a common task. By leveraging the Heap and Intercom integration, you can understand which features cause the most in-app chat interactions and quickly update your product or modify your docs to educate users. Moreover, you can leverage Intercom to broadcast in-app notifications to users during identified points of friction before they open a support ticket.  

The Partnership

Heap and Intercom are excited to partner to empower our customers to create better product experiences and long-lasting customer relationships. Whether interacting with the Intercom Messenger during a sales cycle or contacting support while using a product, you can instantly analyze these touchpoints in Heap.

With our joint solution we are excited to help our customers improve customer satisfaction, reduce support tickets, and build better products. Heap is proud to bring to market an integration with Intercom. If this is something you’d like to explore via a personalized demo, please reach out to partners@heap.io or connect with your Heap Account Manager.

About Intercom

Intercom has built the world’s best business messenger, offering the only totally customizable messaging suite that drives growth at every stage of the lifecycle. Our mission is to make internet business personal and we help businesses grow by building better, more personal relationships with their customers. Intercom powers 500 million conversations a month, connecting 1 billion unique people worldwide. Intercom was founded in 2011 in San Francisco by Eoghan McCabe, Des Traynor, Ciaran Lee and David Barrett.

About Heap

Heap’s mission is to power business decisions with truth. We empower product teams to focus on what matters — building the best products — not wrestling with their analytics platform. Heap automatically collects and organizes customer behavioral data, allowing product managers to improve their products with maximum agility.