Heap Partners with Attribution to Help Companies Acquire More Customers That are Worth Retaining

Heap is proud to announce our partnership and technical integration with Attribution, a multi-touch attribution platform built to drive fast, actionable insights with confidence. With Heap as a single source of truth for product and conversion data, digital marketers can now run advanced attribution modeling on top of Heap data joined with ad spend in the Attribution platform. Product and marketing leaders can feel confident that they are optimizing customer acquisition efforts to drive high value, retained customers.

A Short Primer on Marketing Attribution

Historically, marketing attribution takes the form of either first touch or last touch modeling. With these frameworks, the user’s first or last interaction (e.g., clicked a Facebook ad) is designated with 100% of the credit for impacting a conversion (e.g., bought a widget). With the sheer number of marketing channels available today, along with the increasing complexity of the buyer’s journey, marketers have moved beyond a single touch strategy, into the realm of multi-touch attribution. In short, multi-touch attribution distributes credit to every interaction in a user’s journey, not just the first or last, and weighs each touchpoint according to the specific model chosen.

For a deep dive on choosing the right attribution model for your marketing organization, read this blog post.

Who is Attribution (the company)?

According to Gartner, over 50% of marketing analytics practitioners have limited confidence in the modeling techniques they employ to allocate advertising spend. For a bulk of marketers, this leads to uncertainty in ad spend allocation and suboptimal return on investment. Attribution serves to change this.

Attribution is a multi-touch attribution solution that empowers marketers to optimize ROI with accuracy and confidence. Compared to legacy solutions that involve hours of upfront professional services and ongoing maintenance, Attribution is a transparent, self-service platform that gives marketers the data to instantly identify high performing channels and touches. This enables marketers to further invest in higher converting touches, monitor promising channels, and stop poor performing campaigns.

Attribution dashboard with campaign highlighted

Under the hood, Attribution supports direct connectors to all the major ad networks (e.g., Google, Facebook, Linkedin, AdRoll etc.) for spend and campaign information, as well as offline channels such as events, store visits, and direct mail. In parallel, Attribution ingests product/website data directly from Heap for onsite behavior and purchase data. The result is a unified, holistic view of how your direct ad spend and marketing dollars are tied to revenue and conversion rates across a user’s entire journey. Compared to other solutions on the market, Attribution not only provides a high-level view of campaign and channel performance, but also allows access to row level data. In other words, you can see exactly what onsite behavior and marketing channel led to an individual conversion on a one to one basis, eliminating guessing or making decisions from a closed, black box.

The Heap + Attribution Partnership

Heap’s partnership with Attribution is built upon a shared goal to enable businesses to make faster and smarter decisions. The Heap integration provides the visit and conversion information (including metadata) that Attribution uses to compute the return on your advertising efforts. With Heap and Attribution, both product teams and marketers can answer their toughest questions on top of a shared, trustworthy product dataset.

Heap is proud to bring to market an official, bundled offering of the Attribution platform. If this is something you’d like to explore via a personalized demo, please reach out to partners@heap.io or connect with your Heap Account Manager. Additional information can also be found on the Heap & Attribution partner page.