Data Podcasts Worth Following in 2019

In tech if you’re not learning, you’re becoming obsolete. And with good reason, as the industry iterates at an incredible pace. Seemingly constant innovations in data warehouses, ETL/ELT, customer behavioral data tools, business intelligence (BI) tools, as well as how these different tools come together can overwhelm anyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned data professional or a student preparing for (dreading?) life post-graduation, it’s crucial to stay plugged into what’s going on around you. So as you look for the latest in the domain of data, try listening to these podcasts.

Data Podcast 1: Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic offers a little bit of everything on topics related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistics. The host Kyle Polich records weekly episodes split between long-form interviews with data practitioners and mini recordings that feature a high-level breakdown of technical topics like how generative adversarial networks function. Some Data Skeptic episodes require a bit of proficiency in the field. But Kyle, who is occasionally joined by Linh Da Tran (his wife and co-host) works hard to offer simple explanations. And he often throws in amusing analogies with his parrot.

Data Podcast 2: Digital Analytics Power Hour

This podcast has a unique format. It’s spearheaded by three friends, Tim Wilson, Moe Kiss, and Michael Helbling. And the hosts strongly feel that the best conversations happen over drinks. So despite living in different parts of the world, they get together twice a month on air to drink, talk, and share their thoughts on the field of digital analytics, business, and data. The idea behind Digital Analytics Power Hour is to promote open-ended discussions on closed subjects. And the hosts hope that listeners take away a few ideas to implement at their next day at work. It’s witty, light, and personal, which only increases its charm.

Pro tip: Listen to Heap’s own Taylor Udell talk on the podcast about the Rise of BI.

Data Podcast 3: The O’Reilly Data Show

The O’Reilly Data Show covers techniques and processes driving data, data science, and artificial intelligence. Each show lasts ~30 minutes and contain nuggets of wisdom from Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist. Topics range from open source data software design to the significance of emotion in artificial intelligence applications. Notable guests include Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz’s Co-Founder) and Eric Colson (Stitch Fix’s Chief Algorithms Officer). Because the hosts dive into the nitty-gritty of data, this podcast is better for those who are already very familiar with the content.

Data Podcast 4: Data Stories

Introduced in 2012, Data Stories produces fresh and compelling data-based episodes. Industry expert Moritz Stefaner and Engineering professor Enrico Bertini host this versatile podcast on social computing, data visualizations, ethics, scientific communication, and more. And despite the complex nature of the models and developments involved, the hosts’ enthusiasm bring the visuals and numbers to life. In addition, the podcast occasionally features high-profile guests like Robert Kosara (Tableau’s Senior Research Scientist).

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