Customer Data as a Poem

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You’re importing to S3, Redshift, or BigQuery
And your customer view has many a fracture
Fortunately, there’s the Heap theory
And now you can implement autocapture

Don’t just guess what you need, and fall short
There will always be problems to solve
With autocapture, you’ll have the data of import
Even as “what’s important” evolves

Extract, transform, load, what a mouthful
Your schema is changing consistently
And now your customer data is doubtful
Instead, Heap builds data consistency.

Get your data out with Heap SQL
Never let data go missing again
There’s no other joy that is equal
It’s a data practitioner’s best friend

Our export process is really swift
If you want it to go to S3
If you want more structure then choose Redshift
We also support BigQuery

Just imagine: your data is captured & sorted
Your analysts think you’re quite dapper
Your customer view is fully imported
And you’re climbing the corporate ladder

The work that Heap helps reduce
Gives your team a brand new purpose
Our team is proud to introduce:
Customer Data as a Service

Whatever your data warehouse
Customer data should be an “A”
More clean data with less chaos?
Download the whitepaper today.