43 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts You Should Know in 2018

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a hot topic these days; it’s no wonder there are over 1.9 million Google search results that try to cover this topic in depth. By definition, CRO is the process of increasing the number of customers to your website, or more broadly, visitors that take a specific action.

One of the goals of CRO is to get more “bang for your buck” from your visitors; more often than not, CRO is one of the most impactful strategies to maximize profit. The key to a successful product is to focus on improving your customer experience, and conversion rate optimization is a critical part of this process.

These conversions can be site visitors who make a purchase, download content, join your mailing list, or create an account. In fact, by auto-tracking the entire customer journey with Heap and A/B testing with tools like Optimizely, you can make significant improvements to your conversion rates — increasing your bottom line.

There is a wide range of experts in CRO we’ve identified in this guide. These experts work in some of the fastest growing eCommerce and SaaS companies online, and many of them have implemented strategies that have propelled their products to the top of their respective industries. But before you read on, if you’d like a primer on CRO, check out this ‘Comprehensive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization’ by our friends at VWO.

Here are the top ‘43 CRO Experts You Should Know in 2018’.