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The Heap Partner Network

The Heap Partner Network collaborates with technology and solution providers to make it easier to analyze the entire customer journey.

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What is Attribution?

Attribution uses multi-touch attribution models and automatic integrations to the most popular advertising platforms to accurately give credit across ad platforms, social channels, and content marketing. By automatically collecting campaign data and connecting it with conversions, Attribution gives marketing teams a central dashboard from which they can monitor and optimize their spend.

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How do Heap and Attribution work together?

Heap’s integration provides the visit and conversion information Attribution will use to determine the return on your spend. Together, the tools provide you to most complete view of your customer journey – from acquisition to retention. While your Marketing team works in Attribution to optimize their spend, Product teams use Heap to make the most of the users being driven to them. Turn more free-trials into conversions and more customers into life-long champions. Align your entire company on product-led growth.

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