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The Heap Partner Network collaborates with technology and solution providers to make it easier to analyze the entire customer journey.

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What is Appcues?

Appcues is a Digital Adoption Platform that allows its users to quickly and easily set up in-app guides, messages, and tool-tips using a point-and-click editor. By using Appcues, Product teams can create and iterate on personalized experiences that result in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

How do Heap and Appcues work together?

When you connect Heap and Appcues, Heap will automatically collect events surrounding interactions with Appcues guides, modals, and messages. By combining this with your product data in Heap, you can better understand the customer journey and evaluate the effectiveness of your Appcues experiences. Armed with hypotheses regarding user behavior generated from your analyses, you can sync segments from Heap to Appcues. These user cohorts can then be used to better tailor and target Appcues experiences. Together, Heap and Appcues empower product managers to drive product adoption.

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