Heap Infrastructure and Data Virtualization: Dan Robinson on the Data Engineering Podcast

The fine folks at the Data Engineering Podcast recently interviewed Heap’s very own CTO, Dan Robinson, in depth on Heap’s data infrastructure and the power of data virtualization. The conversation touched on how Heap automatically captures all user behavior data, Heap’s architecture evolution, and how Heap is driving Virtual Events to overcome the major roadblocks of data organization and cleaning that data teams face today.

The episode is titled “User Analytics In Depth At Heap with Dan Robinson.” Listen to the whole episode here: https://www.dataengineeringpodcast.com/heap-with-dan-robinson-episode-36/

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If you’re interested in Virtual Events and data virtualization, Dan wrote an in-depth blog post on how Heap approaches the topic: Virtual Events: Making Data-Driven Decisions a Reality.

Our COO and co-founder Ravi Parikh also wrote a technical primer whitepaper on data virtualization that introduces the concept and some of the major issues that it can help data teams overcome. The paper, titled Why Data Virtualization is an Analytics Game Changer, also gives some examples of the data virtualization landscape today.

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