Creating Insightful Reports: Where Travel, Data, and Content Collide

How do you create insightful content of any kind—for marketing, for sales, for the fun of it—using data? How do you make sure that the data is of high quality and meaningful? And how do you close the gap between data and other teams to do better work?

In time for one of the year’s biggest travel seasons, episode 5 is all about data and travel. Lluvia Rodriguez, Sr. Data Insights Analyst, and Catlyn Origitano, Content Marketing Manager, discuss:

  • Practical ways to get rid of the “technical/non-technical” gap in companies and make all teams more data-informed
  • How exactly to produce eye-opening reports from millions of data points, from collecting it, to performing analysis in Tableau, and constructing narratives
  • The unique joys of working with travel data

You can see the insights reports that Cat and Lluvia produce on the Sojern blog.

Curious? Here’s an example excerpt from the report, showing where North Americans are traveling for the holidays. Download their latest report with December/Q4 travel insights (and more information on their data methodology) here.

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