How Data Can Grow Your Business

Data is changing how businesses make decisions. The television industry is a prime example. Every year, television networks order dozens of new shows. Most of these shows don’t make it past one season. A couple may stick around for a few years.

If they’re lucky, one or two may even be hit shows that’ll almost make television execs forget about the days when Seinfeld brought in 30 million viewers each week.

When Netflix started creating original programming a couple years ago, they decided to do things differently. Instead of ordering a dozen new shows and praying to the television gods, they used data to craft a sure-fire hit: House of Cards. The data they had amassed – their users’ demographics and viewing choices – told them exactly what they needed to know. Netflix’s data gave them the confidence to do something no traditional network would ever do. They ordered two full seasons of the show before airing even a single episode. Millions of viewers and several Emmys later, it’s clear that Netflix made the right move with House of Cards.

A lot of folks have realized that data-driven decision making is overturning the television industry. But what most people don’t realize is that a similar data-driven revolution is happening in every other industry as well. Any company that’s still doing things the way it did them ten years ago is either out of business or about to be.

At Heap, we’re removing the barriers that businesses face when trying to understand their users. We’ve spent over a year building the product, and now we’re ready to start sharing some of the things we’ve learned.

Each week we’ll publish a new article about data analysis strategies, interesting case studies, useful tools, and more. Here’s a sampling of some of the articles you’ll see in the coming weeks:

  • How your A/B testing results are misleading you
  • Using Soundcloud’s API to compute their annual revenue
  • An automated approach to getting press coverage
  • Estimating app download numbers from App Store rankings
  • How we grew this blog to thousands of subscribers (fingers crossed!)

You can read our first post here, about average revenue numbers. If you want to join us each week, enter your email address in the form on the sidebar, or just check back later. See you again soon!