Perfecting Pitches Using Document Data with DocSend

Presentations. Case studies. Reports. If you work with customers or prospects, odds are you send content to them almost daily, and chances are you also aren’t sure whether they opened it, how long they spent reading it, or who they may have shared it with. Yet, when it comes to closing a deal, recruiting, or raising money, that data makes all the difference.

In Ep. 8 of The AnalystRuss Heddleston, CEO and Co-Founder of DocSend shares how tracking interactions with documents can help you personalize pitches, close more deals, and simply communicate better.

Tune in to hear:

  • How document analytics works—what is tracked and why (3:50)
  • Ways that you and your team can use document analytics that you might not have considered (6:30)
  • How to get insights from integrating document data with other data sources, i.e. Salesforce (11:05)

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