The Event Visualizer

Today we’re launching the Event Visualizer, which makes analytics integration as simple as clicking around your own website. For the first time, people with zero coding knowledge can start tracking events and generate important metrics instantly.

Watch it in action below:

Some of the design goals of the Event Visualizer:

  • The easiest possible integration. There’s no need to write code. Just use the point and click interface to define events for use in funnels or graphs.
  • Instant, retroactive metrics. Forgot to log a certain interaction? Not an issue – just redefine an event via the visualizer, and it will include all historical data from day 1.
  • Data you’ll understand. Sometimes teammates assign bewildering names to events: SHOPPING_FLOW_START or Login Event v2 newest. Instead, with this tool, you can visually see which on-screen actions correspond with which events.

We built the Event Visualizer because we found that non-technical people are becoming more and more dependent on analytics to make decisions. Marketers need to measure engagement across traffic sources, product managers need to quantify feature usage, salespeople need to identify promising leads, and designers need to understand paths their users take.

But the people consuming this data aren’t the people collecting this data. As a result, companies are bottlenecked on engineers to manually instrument the right events for them.

We think we’ve overcome this bottleneck. The Event Visualizer is our take on bringing analytics to the masses.

To get started, just sign up at

The Event Visualizer is currently only available for web. Tweet us @heap if you’re interested in beta-testing our iOS visualizer.