3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Opticon 2018

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It’s finally September. The leaves are changing colors, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air, and hundreds of marketers, salespeople, product managers, and developers are heading to Vegas to Opticon 2018. Whether you’ve been to Opticon before or not, expect to walk away with practical tips on how to take your A/B testing to the next level. Here’s what’s not to miss.

For A/B testing n00bs

There’s a huge amount of training offered at Opticon. Learn the fundamentals of A/B testing, including how to build core usable components for your experiments. Then see how to create variations, QA those experiments, and read and interpret your results page. You’ll also be inspired by experimentation champions such as Chris Goward in his session You are the Catalyst: Optimization Champions’ Keys to Success on how to make the most out of A/B testing in your organization.

For intermediate A/B testers

There’s nothing wrong with brushing up your skills, and there is more complex training available if you’re looking to go beyond the basics. Additionally, we recommend Stefan Thomke’s session Becoming a True Experimentation Organization to Drive Innovation to learn how to scale your experimentation culture across your organization, including how to get executive buy-in and go beyond surface-level test results.

For A/B testing ninjas

So you’re doing A/B tests in your sleep. There are still advanced techniques: for example, how to leverage your existing data to identify audiences and segments, integrate with other technologies (like Heap) to expand your abilities, assign custom attributes to visitors for more advanced targeting and segmentation, and more. Additionally, in her session Defying Gravity: Channeling Newton to Up-Level Your Experiments, Brooks Bell will share how to drive more impact from experimentation and how to create advanced customer theories that are iterative and transferable.

Heap and Optimizely: Upleveling Your Experiments with Data

Regardless of your skill with A/B testing (and whether you’re attending Opticon), you can still gain more value from your experiments. With Heap and Optimizely together, you can see the effect of an experiment on every KPI, not just your original goal.

Using Heap, every user interaction is automatically captured and enriched with experiment data. This means that there’s no need to wait for tracking code to measure the influence of different variations. The result? You can understand the effect of your A/B test on the entire customer experience.

If you’re coming to Opticon, learn more and come say hi to Heap at Booth 13. Or get more ideas for your A/B tests with 3 Datasets Worth Leveraging for your Experimentation.