Introducing Sources: Insights on the Entire Customer Journey

We’re excited to announce Heap Sources!

Automatically collect and unify all your customer data no matter where it lives. Whether you have touchpoints stored in your CRM, marketing automation platform, payment provider, or anywhere else, Heap makes insights across the end-to-end customer journey easy.

Heap Sources is the next big evolution in analytics. Over 6,000 customers use Heap today to understand their users’ behavior on web and mobile retroactively, without writing code. Now, we’re expanding that same power and ease-of-use to grant insights into a much broader view of the customer experience.

Heap Sources integrates with 18 third-party services (and counting!) to let you answer questions like the following, out-of-the-box:

  • Which Marketo email campaigns increase lead-to-opportunity conversion rates in Salesforce?
  • Which combination of Google AdWords campaigns and Optimizely experiments drive the most efficient customer acquisition?
  • Which Shopify shopping cart items correlate with the highest LTV customers in Stripe?

Anyone on your team can self-serve these insights in Heap’s UI or in your data warehouse via Heap SQL. There’s no extra code required.

Simple product analytics don’t cut it anymore

Online businesses often use a legacy analytics tool like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to track web and mobile usage.

But website and app behavior is only a small slice of the customer journey. To drive real insight, you need to connect this behavior with your marketing campaigns, ad spend, sales efforts, revenue, and more.

This requires data and engineering teams to go through an arduous implementation and maintenance process:

  1. Learn the APIs for Salesforce, Marketo, Stripe, or any other service that holds valuable customer data.
  2. Write custom tracking code to pull that data into an analytics tool, or….
  3. Maintain an ETL pipeline to bring that data into a warehouse.
  4. Stitch together these disparate datasets into unified user identities.
  5. Run massive, complicated SQL queries for every question.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 if a new question comes up that requires different data. Or your schema changes. Or your ETL pipeline breaks. Or any APIs change.Heap Sources automates away all this manual work.

Microsoft’s Abhishek Ratna, Senior Marketing Manager, uses Heap Sources to produce valuable customer insights much more quickly: “We have been able to save hours and weeks of effort by using Heap instead of designing multiple ETL jobs to combine data from different tools. Everything just works out of the box.”

Enter Heap Sources: Powerful customer insights, right out-of-the-box

Let’s say you need to figure out which re-engagement marketing campaign most effectively drives purchase volume in your e-commerce product. Here’s how to answer it with Heap Sources:

  1. Connect the Marketo (email marketing) and Stripe (revenue) through the Sources page. Within minutes, Heap will backfill all historical event data from those sources and automatically capture all new events going forward.
  2. Select the user property in Heap that maps to the identity in the source data. This ensures you have a single unified view of each your customers, across all your sources. It’s really powerful.
  3. Define interesting events atop the raw source data from Marketo and Stripe.
  4. Create a report with our point-and-click UI using your defined events. That’s it!Report created in Heap

The benefits of Heap Sources

We’ve built and designed Heap Sources from the ground up with the following principles:

  • Capture everything. We pull every user event and property we can from each Source, so that you always have the right customer data exactly when you need it.
  • Powerful organization and control. Maintain full control over which events to expose to your team and how they’re structured in reports. No need to worry about information overload.
  • Retroactive. Like Heap’s web and mobile integrations, Heap Sources will retroactively backfill all historical data whenever possible. Don’t waste any more time waiting for data.
  • Easiest possible integration. With every source we’ve built (and each future source), we strive for the same principle that makes our core web and mobile integrations so powerful: automating away as much manual effort as possible on your end.
  • Standardized event schema. Each Source flows into Heap as event data. Period. No confusing schemas. No 5-way SQL joins. No need to resort to a data scientist for powerful insights.
  • Access in your data warehouse via Heap SQL. Need to access the complete customer journey in your data warehouse? No problem. Heap SQL automatically syncs this complete dataset into your EDW (e.g. Redshift) for you

“Having a tool like Heap where all the data is always available gives us a lot of confidence that we’re coming to the right conclusions and understanding our problems in the right way.” says Klaviyo’s Brian Whalley, Director of Marketing and Operations.

Get started now

To get started with Heap Sources, sign up for Heap here. You can read more about how each Source works in our docs.

Our Salesforce, Marketo, Maxymiser, Shopify, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads sources are available for purchase to enterprise customers. Contact our sales team to learn more.