Introducing: Heap’s eCommerce Bundle

Learn more about eCommerce conversion funnel analytics

For retailers to keep up with massive eCommerce companies like Amazon and Walmart, they need to be smart, savvy, quick to iterate, and data-driven to survive. Additionally eCommerce companies are faced with new challenges based on emerging market trends. The AOV on mobile apps actually surpassed desktop this past year and the annual spend on online marketing in 2016 totaled a whopping spend of $15.09 billion. However, 54% of respondents in Brandspark America marketers survey cite that measuring ROI is still the biggest challenge to their business while their marketing budgets grow.

That’s why we decided to empower eCommerce businesses by removing barriers to answering questions about customer acquisition and loyalty. Heap’s eCommerce bundle automatically captures data from experimentation platforms (Optimizely, VWO, Google Optimize, etc.), Shopify stores, and mobile and web browsing behavior without any developer resources. By auto-capturing the entire user journey from acquisition to store exploration to conversion, Heap empowers eCommerce companies to make decisions without waiting for developer resources and release cycles.

Online-first retailers like Thirdlove and MM.LaFleur as well as traditional retailers like Sur La Table use Heap to get the granular insights they need in order to make data-based decisions when it comes to ad spend and website optimization. “Because of the way Heap works, it’s so much easier to get information than ever before. We can measure every single event or button on the website without waiting for IT and a whole QA cycle. We’ve never had data this granular before.” – Walter Euyang, Ecommerce and Marketing Analyst, Sur La Table

Heap empowers etailers by providing:

  • eCommerce Platform Integrations: Heap’s one click Shopify integration allows you to seamlessly tie together data from your web and mobile browsing experiences with data from your Shopify store and A/B testing suite.
  • Best-in-class identity resolution: As more and more consumers switch to an omnichannel experience, identity resolution is key to understanding the entire customer journey. Heap allows you to retroactively merge all user behavior across various devices and data sources (including offline) to view the entire user journey.
  • Codeless data capture: From capturing every touch on the digital journey, to every running A/B test, to automatically capturing validated Shopify purchases, Heap empowers eCommerce teams to have all the data they need to make decisions about site changes and advertising spend.
  • Dynamic cohorting: Understand and drive behaviors that are highly corrleated with high AOV, high LTV and improved conversion rates. Use a combination of attributes like total order values, total number of purchases and first touch attribution properties combined with behavior to create complex personas used across Heap’s analysis suite.

Heap’s eCommerce bundles allows eCommerce and marketing teams to answer questions like:

  • What behaviors drive conversion, repeat purchase, and brand loyalty?
  • Does leaving reviews or reading reviews generate higher order values?
  • Where should I allocate my spend based on channels that drive the highest LTV?
  • What site experiments influence the highest initial conversion and repeat purchase rate?
  • What portions of the buying journey are opportunities for wins via A/B testing?

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