How Heap Looker Blocks Can Help You Build Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Over the past several years, Heap has helped thousands of companies leverage their behavioral data to improve their businesses. Whether it’s helping to improve digital product experiences, refine conversion funnels, or optimize marketing spend, Heap empowers enterprises to make faster and smarter decisions. Part of this mission involves aligning with technology companies and service providers to accelerate data consumption, provide more comprehensive insights, and streamline integrations for our joint customers. With this in mind, we are proud to announce our continued investment in our partnership with Looker.

The Heap Looker Partnership

Heap customers can now use Heap Looker Blocks to immediately take advantage of their Heap data in Looker. In just a few clicks, joint Heap and Looker customers can build interactive reports and dashboards on their automatically collected Heap data, alongside their existing Looker investments. If you aren’t familiar with Looker Blocks, they provide templates for out-of-the-box models, views, reports, or dashboards on data within your warehouse. Rather than starting from scratch, Heap Looker Blocks provide a framework for advanced behavioral analysis and reporting for companies of all sizes.

We realize that customer behavioral data is only one piece of a larger data ecosystem within every organization. Similar to our partnership with Snowflake, our partnership with Looker helps companies realize more value out of their Heap data downstream in a warehouse. This allows all types of users, from business users to data analysts, to make data-driven business decisions faster and easier.

Heap Looker Blocks

Heap has built three Looker Blocks to support the diverse use cases of our customers. Many marketing organizations use Heap to measure marketing spend effectiveness and to optimize their acquisition channels. With the Digital Marketing Analytics Block, you can quickly spin up a dashboard featuring commonly sought after marketing metrics. Find something interesting? Double click into the details and begin segmenting by UTM parameters, device types, referrers, or any other autocaptured or custom Heap user properties.

Heap Looker Block   

Beyond acquisition and top of funnel reporting, Heap customers take advantage of a complete, retroactive dataset to analyze onsite or in-app user engagement. The User Engagement Analytics Block helps answer questions around feature/web engagement and retention. For example, you can build custom conversion funnels, which can be placed in an executive dashboard alongside your other data sources and pre-existing company KPIs.

Heap Looker Block 2

Ever wonder what are the most common paths users take to completing a purchase, a “call to action,” or any conversion goal? The User Flow Analysis Block provides an out-of-the-box solution to analyze common paths across your website or application. Not only can you analyze the events or pageviews leading up to an event, but you can also analyze the paths users take from an event. This provides the foundation for robust, exploratory analysis across your digital assets to identify areas for further investigation.

Heap Looker Block

These are just the start of many additional Looker Blocks to come. As Heap customers continue to iterate and take advantage of behavioral data to make smarter decisions, we plan on investing in more. If you’d like to learn more about leveraging the Heap Looker Blocks with your existing Heap instance, please contact your Heap Account Manager. If you’d like to learn more about Heap or get started with a free trial, please start here.