Heap Heap Hooray

Time Series

You can now graph the frequency of any event or cohort over time. Head over to the Define view, click on Graph, and choose amongst any of your definitions. With the appropriate cohort defined, you can track active user growth:




Or understand which sites are sending the most registrations:

Easy Cohorts

Understanding trends and peculiarities across user segments is really, really critical. But existing products suck at analyzing user cohorts. So Heap makes it as simple as possible with the HAS DONE option. Engaged users are users where HAS DONE upload profile pic or HAS DONE send chat. Registered users are users where HAS DONE register. Needy users are users where HAS DONE visit help page. (Lamentably, queries don’t quite read like perfect English yet.)



Regexes and Autocomplete

You can now leverage regexes to more precisely filter data and define objects. Use it to segment users referred from a marketing campaign (initial_referrer contains ‘utm_id=1234’) or events occurring on a certain page (path contains ‘/settings/’), among other things.


Additionally, query fields now autocomplete, so you can craft queries more quickly and effectively. Fields are sanitized on your behalf.