A Heap of New Features

Heap strives to provide as tight a feedback loop for analytics as possible. You should be able to answer product and user-related questions in seconds, not days.

Event Feed

Noteworthy client-side events will appear in your app’s Event Feed as they happen. From there, just choose an event, add a name, and you’re done! You can then immediately use that event to create funnels, segment users, analyze its trends, and more. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

User Activity Streams

User and session lists now include a full overview of every user action. If there’s an action you’d like to view that’s not currently defined, just pop over to the Define view, define the event, and return to the user list – the action will now appear in every user’s activity stream, retroactively. Use this feature to more effectively diagnose a single user’s usage, or just to get a macro sense of how cohorts engage with your app.



Identity API

Now you can identify your users with a single line of client-side Javascript. Within the <body> of any page, call:

heap.identify({name: ‘Boris Yeltsin’, email: ‘boris@yeltsin.com‘, handle: ‘russiaprez1’}) 

and the corresponding name/email/handle will be associated with all of the user’s past activity, in addition to their future activity. You can query users on these properties, and this rich data will be included in any resulting user list. heap.identify takes a single argument: an object containing 1 or more of the keys nameemailhandle (Arbitrary user properties are coming soon.)
We’re also working on a way to let you attach name/email/handles to a user without having to push any code at all! Can you guess how it’s done?

Revamped Interface

Heap’s dashboard interface has undergone a bit of a renovation. We’ve made key features more discoverable, and navigating through the dashboard is more intuitive. Want to define a user cohort? Just click on “Define”, specify “Cohort” at the top, and you’re ready to go.