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Understand Your Customers’ Behaviors

Build a better customer experience using data. Iterate quickly as you dig deep into customer behavior – analyze any event, segment, or property.

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  • Get Retroactive Analytics Icon

    Get Retroactive Analytics

    Increase business agility with retroactive analytics. Discover the impact of any action on your website or app – in real time and with complete historical data. With Heap, everything is measurable and any data point is ready for analysis.

  •  Empower Your Team To Be Data-Driven Icon

    Empower Your Team To Be Data-Driven

    Increase the number of data-driven decisions within your organization. Heap's complete dataset gives your entire organization instant access to data they can trust and provides a tool to answer new questions in real time.

  • Reduce Time to Insight Icon

    Reduce Time to Insight

    Heap's self-serve analytics provides everyone on your team with the ability to answer questions with data. Heap removes engineering overhead so your team can spend more time making decisions, not mucking around with data.

Increase Conversion Rate

Funnels let you see every action before a conversion: identify dropoff, decrease friction, and improve your website's conversion rate.

  • Prioritize your product improvements by targeting high-friction experiences and removing barriers to your customers' success
  • Compare funnels across different user segments, device types, or attribution channels to pinpoint points of optimization
  • Measure the effectiveness of your A/B tests – automatically capture data based on experimentation variations, device types, ad campaigns, and more
Funnel View
Increase Product Stickiness & Retention

Create segments of users by filtering for real-time behavior and historical actions. Combine user activity with user attributes like vertical, contract value, channels that influence conversion, and more to create complex personas in your analysis.

  • Measure retention across customer segments to prioritize product enhancements
  • Understand repeated engagement with key features, and how that impacts overall retention
  • Optimize for retention and lifetime value (LTV), not just acquisition
Retention View
Prioritize Your Product Roadmap and Drive Feature Adoption

Prioritize your product roadmap by understanding feature engagement. Identify friction in product adoption, under-utilized features, and key features adopted across your customer base.

  • Monitor the engagement and adoption of newly deployed features
  • Remove friction in product flow with low adoption and sunset unused features
  • Combine customer behavior with CRM data to understand the revenue and customer segments associated with key products
Understand Your Customer Segments

Understand the customer journey across different groups of customers. Create complex user segments combining past behavior, user attributes, and acquisition channels to drive deeper analysis.

  • Build personal experiences to generate loyalty across each type of customer and measure your impact
  • Analyze behavior, conversion, and retention across different user segments
  • Measure changes to key segments like daily active users, frequent purchasers, and enterprise customers
Understand the Influence of Actions and Acquisition Channels

Find the channels or touchpoints with the highest influence. Rather than focusing on first or last touch, Heap captures every touch to help organizations understand which channels influence conversions, higher order values, and repeat customers.

  • Influence: Tie in touchpoints like opening email, reading blog posts, or watching videos
  • Change behaviors, channels, and conversion events on the fly and without developers
Influence Analysis

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like LendingClub, Microsoft, and Harman trust Heap to deliver insights fast.

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“Heap enabled us to identify and eliminate friction in the customer experience. When Heap showed us, with specificity, how the fourth step in our funnel was broken, we were able to make meaningful improvements to our pre-pop experience. This resulted in a seven-figure lift in new issued principle annually”

Matt Gomes
Matt Gomes, Director of Marketing

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