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With Heap, behavioral insights keep you aligned and produce results, across the organization.

Anticipate customer trends, keep the whole organization on the same page, and make data maximally usable. Read on to learn more.

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Real-time insights delivered to stakeholders

rapid insights

The difference between having data and using data is how quickly and easily you can access your data and move on it. With Data Connectors and Report Alerts you can incorporate Heap into the tools and workflows that your organizations already use.

  • Bring Heap data to Salesforce accounts to put Sales, Customer Success, Product, and Digital teams to on the same page
  • Monitor key metrics and take immediate action with Report Alerts 
  • Keep teams across the organization aligned on the latest behavioral data – without needing to log into Heap
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Report Alerts

Report Alerts

Report Alerts let you monitor key metrics and take immediate action, keeping the organization agile and aligned.

Keep track of multiple metrics, without having to check dashboards. Make sure all the right people are notified when action is required.

Identify micro trends in customer behavior

Identify trends

Today’s customers are changing and reacting faster than anyone can anticipate.

Because Heap tracks all user behavior, it’s the only analytics tool that picks up on predictive micro-trends as they’re developing—both the expected and the unexpected. With Heap, there’s no part of the customer journey you can’t see, and no trend you can’t spot early on.

  • Report Alerts keeps you aware of key changes in behavior as they happen
  • SFDC Data Connector provides a “360-degree view” of customer segmentation and retention
  • A fully autocaptured dataset lets you find the “unknown unknowns” of customer behavior
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Trigger campaigns based on behavioral insights

Trigger campaigns

Use Heap integrations to automate processes in Salesforce and Appcues. Initiate marketing communications, adoption campaigns, in-app messaging, or field outreach based on customer behavior signals.

  • Use product usage data to segment accounts and tailor outreach to individual customers
  • Automate sales and marketing activities to speak directly to customer needs
  • Bring user data into Appcues to tailor onboarding, announcements, and surveys 

How our customers win

In most tools, it’s very difficult to create a custom metric, let alone integrate into other systems, such as Salesforce. With Heap, we’re helping everyone in the company identify and measure when the user actually gained value from the platform versus simply using it.

Jean McCabe
Director of Product , Conductor

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